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Customer Data Architecture

More than 50% have connected their systems to a unified customer database or Marketing automation system - what's your status?

The share of companies achieving this unification has grown substantially in recent years. More than half (52%) of the companies now report they connect their source system to a unified customer database or marketing automation or CRM platform. Just 37% gave this answer in 2017. 

Consumer marketers are actually more likely than others to have a unified customer database, but less likely to use a marketing automation or CRM system. B2B companies on the other hand use marketing automation and CRM to a greater extend to lead nurturing and customer communication.

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Customer data archicture
current state of customer facing systems

Digital organisation and Ways of Working

The marketing organisation is now in a permanent state of change. 66% of brands are actively looking to reorganise their internal model for marketing and 61% of brands are planning to reorganise their agency operating model.

- what's your status?

62% are now prioritising long-term customer experience building over performance marketing.

Most brands will adopt a more unified approach across customer data, marketing automation and performance media. But the war on talent is a clear and present obstacle. In a 2020 survey of marketing leadership 68% agree that skills shortage is holding back the industry in data, tech and analytics compared to 51% in 2017. 

What's needed is a prioritised playbook with laser focus on how to rebalance ways of working with business P/L units, Agencies and the Digital Center of Excellence at the center. The in-housing or outsourcing agenda is business critical.

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