We bring data to life

- through personalised customer experiences and more precise media investments, ultimately delivering increased return on marketing investments.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, enabling the strongest full-service offering in Scandinavia.

55.000 experts


Through the global IPG network - the fastest growing and most award winning of its kind - LIFTED brings direct access to world class creatives, optimisation consultants, more than 2.000 data scientists and +430 Adobe specialists... just to name a few.

Leading martechs

Martech platform selection

A wealth of leading tech platforms and certified partnerships with companies like Adobe, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Power BI, Tealium, Google 360, Agillic... and many more. 

Senior consultants

Experienced consultants

Each of our local Nordic Senior Digital Client Partners has worked +20 years for companies like IKEA, Dell, Nike, leading banks, energy companies, and more - since the commercial dawn of digital media.

What we do

We help corporations climbing the transformation ladder. It's not a trivial one-and-done task. We take pride in doing it efficiently and respectfully at every stage. Our goal is to give our clients a longterm competitive advantage by bringing data to life. How? Well, data is a corner stone in digital transformation - and if this asset is activated right, your company will deliver better customer experiences and enable more precise media investments.

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capability assessment

How we do it

Customers expect brands to market with a memory and be relevant in the moment. But valuable customer moments needs to be identified and financially prioritised. We apply our proven framework to connect customer data,  target media investments and tailor customer experiences to beat the market. Some brands aren’t seeing the value from MarTech they expected. Others need to stack up for the journey. We assess your current capability to unlock you potential. We Plan, Enable and Execute.

Experience from leading corporations across industries


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7 of Top 10


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Learn from world class cases

Request access to cases from our industry leading clients. Simply share your contact details in an email or give us a call.

Team & Network

Jannik Liedner

Jannik Liedner

E: jl@lifted.dk

M: +45 2265 5356

Martin Lindegaard

Martin Lindegaard

E: ml@lifted.dk

M: +45 2845 0413

Jesper Kjær-Christensen

Jesper Kjær-Christensen

E: jkc@lifted.dk

M: +45 2265 5141